Improve Print Quality – Better Temp Readings!

Published by Roy Berntsen on

Simple and cheap upgrade for consistent temp readings

One important thing when 3d printing with FDM technology is a stable and repetitive temp reading on the nozzle

The NTC thermistors we mostly use are ok for low temp readings around room temperature and maybe up to about 100C

On 200 – 300C you can not really trust the readings to be good unless you actually calibrate each exact thermistor and make your own table for it or figure out the Beta value by checking the resistant at various temperatures

I currently received a genuine e3d v6 hotend that comes with a Semitec 104GT NTC thermistor wich had wrong resistance and wrong temp-readings – This lead to horrible print results and let me to look for better options

One sensor that can help improve readings without any big investments and changes is the PT1000 – This sensor is better for the range we are looking for and dont cost much. It is also supported in Marlin and RRF so just make the swap in firmware and you are good to go

A PT 100 will also of course work but it is a more expensive solution and not so easy to implement

Precision Piezo

PT 1000 Sensor


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