Valkyrie HT DIY 3D Printer

Project Valkyrie

High Temp – DIY 3D Printer

Valkyrie – High Temp – Liquid Cooled – DIY 3D Printer

Specifications for Designed Size

  • Frame footprint – 500X520X750
  • Print volume – 310X310X300
  • Weight ~45Kg
  • Extruder Temp < 450C (stage 1)
  • Bed Temp < 150C (stage 1)
  • Chamber Temp < 80C (Stage 1)
  • Drybox Temp < 70C (Stage 1)

File repository here: Project Valkyrie

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Valkyrie Main Features

  • Advanced Kinematics with independent triple Z axis
    • Fully automated bed leveling
    • Inverted CoreXY for minimal friction – only 2 toothed idlers vs 6
    • XUV Triple Z True Bed Leveling with the precis Maxwell Coupling as the Z lift
    • Stall-detection homing on all 2+3 – XY+ZUV axis
    • Light tool-head riding on carbon X with MGN9h
    • All XYZ stepper motors all located outside the heated chamber
  • Temperature Controlled Heated Chamber up to 80C+
    • Active heated chamber using a fan and the bedheater as the heater source
    • Engineered insulation options for high level of safety and minimal thermal loss
    • High end ACM Outer Paneling
    • Double glazed window for inside viewing and good insulation
  • Integrated Temperature Controlled Heated Dry-box
    • Filament weight control by load-cell
    • Dry-box temp control up to 70C
    • Dry-box humidity sensor
  • Advanced Firmware add-ons
    • Chamber temp controls and display
    • Dry-box temp control and display
    • Dry-box humidity display
    • Filament weight display
    • Extruder motor temp sensor and display
  • Water-cooled hotend
    • Option to water-cool extruder stepper motor

General Requirements

Product Choice

The aim is to develop a Premium DIY FDM 3d printer for the DIY 3d printer community

  • Safety features must be very high
  • Fully automated bed leveling
  • Engineered advanced Z lift with kinematic coupling
  • Integrated dry-box filament container
  • We want to be able to print high temp materials
  • The project will be open source
  • Size should be scalable < 500
  • Standard alu profiles. 2040 and 2020
  • Belted Z drive
  • Advanced Firmware options
  • Enclosed chamber with engineered insulation for <80C Chamber temp

Function Choices

The machine should have all the functions needed for a trouble-free user experience. The goal is to implement all basic functions plus any feature that is making an advanced high temp premium 3d printer


DIY Type Projects – No High Temp options can be found

  • Ratrig V-Core 3
  • Hevort
  • Voron
  • BLV MGN Cube
  • VZBot

Comparable Industrial Grade

  • Bambu X1 Carbon
  • CreatBot F160
  • VM 22 IDEX

The Development Team

Roy Berntsen – Norway – Lead Engineering Designer
Mark Bridgewater – New Zealand – Mechatronics Design
Cris Lombardi – USA – Firmware, Design and Advanced features

Valkyrie HT DIY 3D Printer