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V-King Belted Z drive – Worm Gear

On the V-King we have a belted Z drive and use a gear to stop the bed from diving when motors are withour power as there are no resistance in such case


The gear ratio we use is 20:1 and will together with the double belt run give 40:1 ratio


For a 1.8 angled motor at 200 steps/revolution this gives 200 steps/mm for a full step = 0.005 mm resolution

We normally use 16 micro-steps on these machines and 3200 steps/mm witch leads to 0.000125 mm resolution

Gear Sources

Stock Worm Gear

We have the stock gear supplier on AliExpress here or eBay here

High end Worm Gear

You can buy the higher quality Misumi Worm Gear here
This gear is 0.8 module and smaller so you need the optional bracket on github

Other sources

You can also get these gears in both sizes at RS Components here

Drawings for stock gear


Worm Gear Size

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