Worm Gear Upgrade

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High End Worm Gear

There is an alternative worm gear set that works well on the V-King. It’s more expensive than the stock worm gear set, however you can expect a higher quality product, resulting in more consistent layers

The worm gear set can be found on Misumi. You need two parts, the worm gear and the worm wheel:

The stock gear set is mod 1, and the upgraded gear set is mod 0.8. Because of the size difference you need to print new worm gear mounts, You can find these files on github. in the upgrade files section. Look for:

When you assemble the gearbox, pay attention to the mesh of the gears. Make sure they don’t bind

You don’t need to change anything in the firmware configuration. The reduction ratio is the same as in the stock setup. You might need new GT2 belts, as the belt path is now approximately 15 mm longer