V-King Build Volume

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Build Volume

I advice not going over 400*400 with stock frame and belt sizes – You can configure your own here: V-King BuildVolume Calculator

Stock Frame

Stock V-King

Stock build volume with all 500mm extrusions and 2020 corner cubes is approximately 340*380*330

The X travel depends on how you organize the belts and the maximum travel from one Y carrier to the other is 349 mm but you need some space for the belts so I will say 340 is normal travel

The Y travel depends a little on what fan setup you use as no layer fan gives you maximum travel at 390 mm but a 40 mm to 50 mm blower will give about 380/370 mm of Y travel

Z travel also depends on the bottom electronic enclosure or not. If no bottom enclosure maximum Z travel is about 330 and I will say 300 with the enclosure without actually measuring

Customizing the volume

Calculator here:

If we say 340*380*330 for the stock volume and 2020 corner cubes then you should calculate extrusions this way:

  • X Extrusion length = X Travel wanted + 160 mm
  • Y Extrusion length = Y Travel wanted + 120 mm
  • Z Extrusion length = Z Travel wanted + 170 mm

If you dont have 2020 corner cubes you have to figure out what you loose where 🙂


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