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Here is a list with links to all the recommended components for the stock V-Baby CoreXY High Quality DIY 3d Printer

  • Controller Mainboard – 1x
    The stock controller for the V-Baby is the 32 bit SKR 1.3 from Bigtreetech
  • LCD Controller – 1x
    For controlling the printer we use the TFT24 from Bigtreetech which has both the standard Marlin reprap 12864 controller mode but also touch screen interface you can switch between
  • Stepper Drivers
  • Fans
  • Optical Endstops – 2x
    Endstops for XY. This is a cheap packet of 6
  • Leveling Probe and Z Endstop -1x
    Probe for mesh bed leveling and Z endstop function
  • Build Plate Silicon AC Heater – 1x
    500W Silicone heater for fast and stable heating of the aluminum build plate – Choose the mains voltage in your country. 220Vac or 110Vac
  • Solid State Relay – 1x
    SSR for switching the heater for the build plate. We use the 40A version
  • Thermal Safety Fuse – 1x
    Thermal fuse for disconnecting the current if the SSR fails and build plate overheats. Connects to the Live wire and attach to the aluminum build plate
  • V6 type Hotend – 1x
    If you want the best you should buy the genuine e3d V6 from e3d. The link goes to one of the better cloned e3d V6 hotend
  • Titan type Extruder – 1x
    The link goes to one of the better cloned Titan extruders. If you want the best you should buy the genuine e3d Titan Extruder
  • PTFE Bowden Tube – 1x
    Tube for guiding the filament from the extruder to the hotend. You need around 60cm so buy 1 meter of PTFE 1.9 ID – 4OD
  • Power Supply -1x
    Choose the mains voltage in your country – 220vac/110vac Power supply for running the 3d printer controller and switching the SSR for the heatbed
  • Fused Power Switch – 1x
    10A Switch 250VAC power switch for switching the current to the power supply
  • Timing Belt – 5m
    High quality GT2 gates type timing belt for accurate movements. You need about 5 meter in total
  • Timing Belt Motor Pulleys
  • High Quality Idlers
  • Nema 17 1.5A Stepper Motors – 3x
    Stepper motors for running the XY and E including 1M cable and connectors
  • Z Axis Worm Drive Stepper – 1x (30/1)
    Stepper motor and gearbox for running the Z axis timing belt lifting the Z axis and keeping the build plate from falling when not powered
  • Aluminum Build Plate – 1x (1/4″mm 210×210)
    You want a solid sheet of metal for a stable and reliable print result. I recommend minimum 5 mm thick aluminum to avoid warping and to keep a stable temperature. You can go up to 8mm for this
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