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In this design I have used 3 types of T-Nuts

  1. M5 T-Nut Square – 75 Pcs: Link
  2. M5 T-Nut OpenBuilds – 25 Pcs: Link
  3. M5 T-Nut HammerNut – 100 Pcs: Link
    M4 T-Nut Hammer Nut for miscellaneous addons – 100 Pcs: Link

The reason for this is that I wanted optimal alignment for all parts. The XY motor brackets and the XY corner idler brackets have a profile that centers it into the V-Slot. This means that the square T-Nuts will interfere with this profile so you want to use OpenBuild T-Nuts or just drop in nuts as hammer nuts or spring nuts – all M5

Here you can se the profile and the OpenBuild nut for better understanding

Here you can see the 3 type of nuts
T-Nut Square – OpenBuild T-Nuts – Hammer Nuts (Left to right)
















Nuts can be bought at all OpenBuild suppliers and I will here link to Link to nuts at AliExpress

T-Nut Sqare (20s)

OpenBuild T-Nuts

Drop In – Hammer Nuts

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