Driver Settings

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Jumper Tables:


A4988 – DRV8825

Vref settings

These numbers are for 1.7Amp stepper motors. For 1.5Amp stay on the lower side
These settings are for standalone drivers – uart and SPI N/A

Causion: For GND use GND on some other place than the driver – like the GND on the PSU Power-In or similar

On XY:

  • A4988: TBD
  • DRV8825: 0.7-0.8 V
  • TMC2208: 1.1-1.3 V

On Z

  • A4988: TBD
  • DRV8825 : 0.4-0.5 V
  • TMC2208: (N/A)

The reason for setting vref so low on the Z is to have a failsafe if you should crash your bed high or low as the driver will stop and hopefully you dont crash to hard and break stuff 🙂

On E

  • A4988: TBD
  • DRV8825 : 0.7-0.8 V
  • TMC2208: (N/A)