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Explaining the components in the BOM

There have been some questions about what to choose when using links in the BOM. I will go through the various components in this article

V-King CoreXY – Component Order List

  • 4 x Ball Bearings
    • You need 4 bearings in the worm gear assembly. There is a 10 pack in the link
  • 1 x Build Plate
    • I advice to get a cast aluminum plate like this. 8mm is recommended – 6m is minimum
      • If ordering from clever3d then ask also for a price including a silicone heater
    • 350*400 is stock build plate and fits the silicone heater – if you want a brim around the heater pad then order slightly bigger – like 360*410
  • 1 x Controller
    • Stock setup is the MKS Gen L Controller and you need 1 of these
  • 4 x Drivers
    • XY Recommendations¬† (2 Pcs)
      • TMC2208 for silent and smooth movements with interpolations to 256 steps/mm
      • DRV8825 if you need to run higher torque/amps – These are limited to 1/32 microstepping max
      • A4988 works as the DRV8825 but limited to 1/16 microstepping max
    • ZE Recommendations (2 Pcs)
      • A4988 is really all you need for these axes
      • DRV8825 works as the A4988 on these axes
  • Endstops
    • We need 2 optical endstops in the assembly if you have a probe as Z endstop. If no Z endstop then you need 3 of these. The link goes to a 6 pack of these
  • Extruder – Choose SET 1 for extruder only
    • Stock extruder is the Titan from e3d – I linked also to a Titan clone in the list if you want to go the budget route. This clone is supposed to be one of the better as the cheapest ones is not very good
  • Layer Fan – Choose voltage!
    • If stock PSU then choose 24V layer fan – If using 12V PSU then choose 12V in the link
  • Pulleys and Idlers – Choose correct set!!
    • Toothed Idler Pulleys – Choose 20T W6 B5 With T – 8 is needed
    • Smooth Idler Pulleys –¬†Choose 20T W6 B5 Without T – 6 is needed
    • Motor Pulleys –¬†Choose 20tooth-5mm Bore – 4 is needed
      • High quality motor pulleys here
  • GT2 Timing Belt
    • 7 Meter is needed in total
    • High quality belt here
  • e3d Hotend
    • For genuine hotend choose heater cartridge voltage after your PSU setup – 24V is stock
    • The clone in the list is for a 24 Volt system so for 12 Volt system choose another supplier
  • LCD Controller 128/64
    • This is to control the printer manually
  • Power Supply
    • Choose 24V10A 240W for stock setup
  • Power Switch
    • 250V Fused Power Switch with 10A fuse included
  • Probe for Auto Bed Leveling
    • Choose genuine or clone probe after budget
  • Silicone Heat Pad
    • Choose 220V or 110V after what your mains voltage is in your country
  • SSR – Solid State Relay
    • Choose SSR 40DA
  • Nema 17 Stepper Motors
    • Choose 4 or more after your needs
  • Worm Gear
    • Select 5mm worm and 5mm gear
  • Worm gear rod
    • Choose a 5mm Silver Steel Rod – 560 mm long or more. Find a local supplier or search ebay