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Recommended cables and connectors

Video describing controller cables here

Power Supply Wiring

From the Switch to the PSU

From the VAC we have the draw from our 1000W Silicone heater + 240W PSU = 1240W

220 VAC

1240W/220VAC = 5,64 Amps and we need 0,75mm^2 or AWG 18

110 VAC

1240/110VAC = 11,27 Amp and we need 1,5mm^2 or AWG 15

From the PSU to the Controller

In this section we need wires that can handle max current draw going to the controller. We would like to supply max of what is possible and if we add up components we are looking at MAX:

24V PSU:

  • 3 pcs Nema 17 – 2 Amp motors = 6 Amps
  • 40W 24V hotend heater = 2 Amp
  • Various other component draw = 2 Amp

10 Amp max draw = AWG 16 or 1.5 mm^2 for up to 3 cores cables in this section

12V PSU:

20 Amp max draw = AWG 12 or 3.5 mm^2 for up to 3 cores cables in this section

Controller Cables

For hooking up your components to the controller – look in this article: Cable Article

Drag Chain Cable

Motor Cables

Example for 1M motor cables with connectors: 1m Stepper Cables

Controller Cable Size:

Recommended size on the 24V system you can use AWG 24 or about 0.20 mm^2

If you have some cables running higher current ( Like 12V DC bed heater or for 12V heater cartridge) – make sure you check yourself for higher currents