Viking 3d Design Benefits

High performance - Big Volume - High Quality - 3d Printers

Low Maintenance Design

All running wheels on V-Slot guided rails
All belted movements on XYZ
No wobble or backlash

High Performance Design

Light and strong for high acceleration
CoreXY linear moving top gantry
All linear guided movements

Open Source Parts

OpenBuild Linear Guides
e3d Titan extruder
e3d V6 hotend

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High Performance – High Quality – 3d Printers

The Viking 3d Printers is releasing more models. We now have the V-King CoreXY an the V-Baby CorexY in the portfolio

The V-King 3d Printer is a CoreXY 3d printer which started the story and evolved through an extensive design process starting early 2017

The V-King design came by researching the Hypercube 3d printer. I then came across the KISS CoreXY printer from Jean-Daniel Begin which had some interesting design benefits over the Hypercube by Tech2c

Using the linear rails in the frame with all rolling parts seemed like a very good idea and the research, design and prototyping started taking place

The result of this process is now tested, proven and reliable machines with high quality design and print results

/Roy Berntsen
Design Engineer


News & Rants

V-Baby Extra Worm Gear Bracket

I could see som flexing on the wormgear so for additional stiffness I made a second bracket to stiffen it all up – I will upload to GitHub Name of file: Wormgear Buddy B_1x_SN_BN

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