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Viking 3d Printers is releasing more models. We now have the NEW! Advanced Valkyrie 3D Printer launching may 2022. From before we have the  V-King and the V-Baby in the portfolio.

With a M.Sc. in Engineering design, all the machines have been developed through an extensive design process used in the mechanical product design industry. The Valkyrie has now been in development for more than 10 months with 3000+ hours going into research, design, prototyping and testing.

You get all this work for free as all the projects are opensource. Feel free to donate if you are satisfied with the project.

Roy Berntsen
M.Sc Design Engineer


News & Rants

V-Baby Extra Worm Gear Bracket

I could see som flexing on the wormgear so for additional stiffness I made a second bracket to stiffen it all up – I will upload to GitHub Name of file: Wormgear Buddy B_1x_SN_BN

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